our range

Our approach to fun and practicality is reflected in the design and branding of our waterproof bag range which allows you to take part in water sports, leisure activities, winter sports and adventure sports with the peace of mind that your spare clothing, phones and valuables will stay dry.

Our Lifestyle range will take care of you in between your adventures, when you return to the city, work or college. Their unique designs have the ability to suit almost any Smart or Casual environment.


Our Outdoor products are

Water Resistant

Keeps clothes, cameras, phone and other possessions dry when everything else is wet! 

Quality Materials

Made of durable UPVC material this bag is built to last

Easy to clean

With a fully waterproof skin, it is simple to clean and will continue to look great for many years to come. 

Handle all elements

Whether your passion is hiking, kayaking, camping, jet skiing, canoeing, swimming, snowboarding, skiing, triathlons, or simply relaxing on the beach, you can focus on the fun and we’ll take care of your gear.