SKORCH is a lifestyle brand for people who love the outdoors; our goal is to help you to have even more fun.

Our community of “SKORCHERS” send us messages from all over the world to share their stories and adventures, and occasionally even bump into other SKORCHERS in faraway lands!

So whether your passion is hiking, kayaking, camping, jet skiing, canoeing, swimming, snowboarding, skiing, triathlons, or simply relaxing on the beach, you can focus on the fun and we’ll take care of your gear. And we'll look after you when you get back too!

Our approach to fun and practicality is reflected in the design and branding of our waterproof bag range which allows you to take part in water sports, leisure activities, winter sports and adventure sports with the peace of mind that your spare clothing, phones and valuables will stay dry.

Our Lifestyle range will take care of you in between your adventures, when you return to the city, work or college. Their unique designs have the ability to suit almost any Smart or Casual environment.



Get access to exclusive offers on our range of waterproof bags. Share stunning images, experiences and destinations with our community. A chance to test drive our future products and designs.

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